8 CEOs Share Their New Year's Resolutions

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Jan 1, 2016

Optimized-7_CEOs_Share_Their_New_Years_Resolutions_1As a CEO, you're constantly looking to improve — whether it's your profits, quality, or even leadership qualities. And because it's a new year, everyone's thinking of how they can better themselves over the next 12 months. We asked CEOs around the country what their New Year's resolutions are — this is what they said:



Randy Stocklin, CEO of One Click Ventures

"My work-related New Year's resolution for 2016 is getting more face time with all team members across the entire company. Having numerous departments from Customer Happiness and
Merchandising to Marketing and Fulfillment, it can be a challenge to give each employee the 1:1 time they deserve."



Brandon Baker, CEO of Loveletter Cakeshop

"My New Year's resolution for 2016 is to spend more time finding our tribe. In any company, a tribe is the group of clients and customers who care so passionately about the business that they are raving about the company to their friends, providing valuable feedback, and generally adding more to the bottom line than simply dollars and cents. In 2015, we saw a noticeable uptick in our revenue as a result of developing a small tribe, and we've come to the conclusion that nurturing your tribe is one of the keys to effective small business marketing.

"Nothing beats good word of mouth, and your tribe is your word of mouth army!" 





Adam Greenbaum, CEO of Greenbaum Digital

"My New Year's resolution is pretty simple to most, but tough for me: I need to focus more on the business operations side of our company. I currently spend too much time on biz dev and creative and let too many accounting and paperwork issues slide. In 2016, I need to manage my entire business, not just the parts I feel are most important."



Rachel Wilkins Blum, CEO of Conception Events LLC

"What is my New Year's resolution: invest in, nurture, and inspire our network of artists. Building upon the success of our five years in business, we aim to nurture our extensive network of artists and inspire them with the confidence to pursue their creative endeavors." 


Candice Galek, CEO of Bikini Luxe

"This year I want to make sure to focus on my employees and building my relationships with them. I think that often when building a new company it is easy to forget that your employees may not have the same dedication that you as a founder and CEO do. I hope to bridge that gap by working on having better communication with my coworkers. I plan to focus on things like company outings and extracurricular activities to help build up the team spirit!" 



John Lincoln, CEO of Ignite Visibility

"Last year I took on too much. I tried to do it all. But what I realized is that if you trust in your team, they make great decisions on their own. It might not always be exactly how I would have done it, but in some cases it is just as good or better. If a company is going to grow, you need to train your staff and have 100% faith in them, as well as hold them accountable should something go wrong. My New Year's resolution is to delegate more, trust more, and grow our company based on the extremely talented people who work there."



Mikaela Kiner, CEO of uniquelyHR

"Get help [and] use resources. As a bootstrapped entrepreneur, it's important but so hard to hire others versus trying to do it all myself. I'm committed to finding firms who do everything from marketing to bookkeeping, admin support, and more so I can focus on what I'm good at, which is running and growing my business.

"Keep the counterbalance. It really struck a chord when a colleague told me she thinks about work-life balance more as counterbalance, like riding a bike — you're constantly shifting your weight to one side and then the other to stay upright. That's how I see myself toggling between entrepreneurship, a fantastic family, and what I need to keep myself energized." 



Grainne Kelly, CEO of BubbleBum

"My New Year's resolution is to video conference more to allow for a healthier work-life balance. Also, I want to find a constructive way to give back every month to other start-up businesses."



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