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Jan 18, 2016

Best_companies_to_work_for_13People do realize there are a full 12 months in one year, right? So why are organizations still sticking to annual surveys to measure programs and employee satisfaction?

You can't simply wait that long to effectively measure workplace initiatives. And you also can't wait that long to improve employee retention and engagement.


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Whitepages is the leading provider of contact information. Their culture is already transparent and collaborative, so they were looking for a way to bring these factors to another level. And an annual survey just didn't make sense for them to track employee trends.

Senior HR Manager Susan Fincher explains:

"Even though Whitepages has been around for 17 years, we're still a nimble and agile organization — very much like a start-up where we seek out change, and we continue to evolve."


Using Feedback to Measure

Whitepages recently did an annual survey where they implemented team goals. To track workplace trends, they used a pulsing survey to supplement the annual one. It was a way for them to find out if any of the changes that were made were having positive impacts or if there was a way managers could help out employees.

Fincher says, "As we look at our business metrics, we also want to look at our people metrics to make sure we're doing the right things along the way instead of taking a touch point at the end of the year."

If you're going to measure finances, investments, and turnover, why aren't you tracking employee sentiment?



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