Best Companies to Work For: Porch

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Jan 25, 2016

Best_companies_to_work_for_15How do you retain that small-office feeling while the organization is going through significant growth? Scratch that — how do you keep on top of employee sentiment while the organization is going through significant growth? There's bound to be shifts in employee satisfaction.


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Best companies to work for: Porch - by TINYpulse


Porch connects homeowners with inspiration and professionals for home improvements. They were going through rapid growth and needed a way to stay abreast of any changes in employee sentiments.

VP of People Jill Boon explains:

"One of the challenges when you're growing rapidly is maintaining that small-office feel. We were going through a rapid growth spurt and realized we weren't able to stay on top of all those little things that were coming up in our environment."

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Tracking Sentiment

Porch uses pulse surveys to dig deeper and uncover how employees are truly feeling. The ability to ask custom questions allows them to address all the facets of employee engagement.

They were surprised to find out that some employees didn't feel like they were supported by their manager. And that led them to implement training programs for their younger managers.

It's difficult to find out how your workforce is feeling with just a face-to-face conversation or annual employee engagement survey. Take a cue from Porch and keep real-time tabs on sentiment to create a positive work environment.



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