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Jan 20, 2016

Best_companies_to_work_for_14Happiness at work isn't just a fickle notion. The way someone feels about their job and work environment reflects outwardly, from the way they provide customer service to how they design products. So how do you keep workplace morale up during stressful times like the holidays?


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Moose Toys is on a mission to make kids happy. And how do they do that? They start with their employees.



Q: The holidays can get really busy and stressful. During this time, does the leadership team do anything different to maintain morale?

A: Moose Toys is a dynamic business that moves at a fast pace every day of the year, holiday season included! We believe it's important to ensure the team always have a way to unwind, re-energize, and look after their mind and body. By offering an on-site gym, yoga classes, and boot camp, the team is encouraged to look after their health.

We also hold bimonthly talks followed by an all-team lunch. These talks are not about the toy industry, but rather, we bring inspirational people to Moose to talk about how they've succeeded, where they find creativity, how they achieve mindfulness, and so on.

Moose Toys Australia - TINYpulseMoose Melbourne employees at the MONA Museum


Q: Why did Moose Melbourne decide on an all-day trip to the MONA Museum as your holiday party?

A: We've had our most successful year of business, and our team has worked tirelessly to ensure we could meet our customers' needs. We always make sure our break for holidays is rewarding, but this year we wanted the whole team to feel very special and feel inspired by the incredible MONA Museum. It was a specular day full of energy and true Moose spirit.     

Moose Toys - TINYpulseHighlights from the Moose Melbourne party at the MONA Museum


Q: Does Moose Toys have any fun office traditions? Events, trips, games, etc.?

A: If you don’t like to lose, don’t engage with the daily table tennis lunchtime competition! We're fortunate to work with toys all day in an office that's home to a magical beanstalk. Playing games and testing products is all part of the daily job and one that helps create our fun and dynamic workplace.

We have a monthly breakfast following our staff meeting and a bimonthly lunch following a Moose Talk.  These traditions of being able to take time and enjoy colleagues' company is very important.

LAMoose LA at a Napa Valley winery


Q: What is one tip you can give to other companies for keeping their employees happy?

A: Listen and listen more. It's vital to foster an environment where everyone openly shares ways to improve. Taking action demonstrates that you've heard the feedback and helps solidify a trusted relationship between management and their employees.

We utilize TINYpulse surveys to get an immediate sense of culture and staff engagement, and then use these results to benchmark our performance each month. 


Q: If Moose Toys had a spirit animal, what would it be and why?

Well, a Moose of course — fun, quirky, and dynamic.



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