Best Companies to Work For: JWH Group

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Jan 6, 2016

Best_companies_to_work_for_10Subcultures exist in any organization — especially when the company has multiple offices in various locations. So how do you align your organizational culture in this situation?

You'd need a way to bridge the communication gap that resonates across both geographies and generations.


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Headquartered in Australia, JWH Group has over 650 employees across 16 locations. And it's not just multiple offices JWH has to worry about; their business model is one where they have multiple companies under one umbrella. And each company comes with their own personality, which makes it challenging. So they were looking for a way to bring the entire organization together and unified under one culture.

Jay Walter, General Manager of JWH Group, explains:

"Pulse surveys have had a profound impact on our organization. They've taught people to speak up when they're unsure ... and help build trust so people know they can speak openly."


Questions, Answered

One of the most distinct sets of responses from employees revolved around job responsibilities — some employees weren't sure what exactly they were brought on board to do.

Luckily, the leadership team was able to message employees directly to dig even further into this issue. Employees were able to respond candidly to the messages because they felt safe behind the anonymity factor. And this, in turn, taught JWH that they needed to improve their employee onboarding process.

Now, employees have a clearer understanding of their job role and responsibilities because JWH educates new employees on how the business is run, who they'll be working with, what their responsibilities are, and what's expected of them.


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