Best Companies to Work For: HubSpot

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Feb 1, 2016

Best_companies_to_work_forEmployers experiencing rapid growth often feel like they’re exploring a new frontier full of new faces, buildings, and, above all, opportunities. While it’s tricky for any company to navigate through new territory, it’s not quite as daunting for those guided by their core values.


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Best Companies to Work For: HubSpot

HubSpot, a company that provides marketing automation and CRM software for small and mid-sized companies, knows this well. They had been experiencing rapid growth in multiple areas: their employee base was growing 50% per year, and their offices were expanding internationally to areas like Dublin. 

Still, they knew their values were one of their core competitive advantages and didn’t want to lose it. And they decided to test out a web-based questionnaire tool in their Dublin office to see if it could help maintain these core values within their international office.


Aligning Company Cultures Across the Globe

The organization's goal was to be a HubSpot offie with the HubSpot culture — not just some office space with the company's name.

Because of the distance from headquarters, HubSpot thought it wouldn’t be easy to foster the same company values and culture in Dublin. That is, until the Dublin team began using a web-based employee engagement survey. They were able to foster a culture of communication, transparency, and quick action — all of which are things they value as part of the HubSpot culture.

From there, it spread organically throughout the company and is now used by nearly 750 employees across different departments and geographies. More importantly, it also helped nurture the company’s values.

If your company is looking to explore a new frontier, be sure it’s well-equipped for success — it all starts with your core values.




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