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Dec 30, 2015

Best_companies_to_work_for_8Rome wasn’t built in a day. Though fast-growing companies might want to argue otherwise.

Often, growth seems to happen overnight, and with it comes new opportunities and new challenges for employers. Namely, how do you maintain your company culture in the face of so many rapid changes?


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Geeks2U, a company that provides expert computer repair service and support across Australia, had been asking itself this exact question and looking for an answer. Michael Hancock, strategic planning manager at Geeks2U, explains:

“It was a time of fast growth in the business, and quite a bit of change came with that."

With these changes came morale issues across different areas of the company. Wanting to boost morale and preserve their culture, Geeks2U began using an employee engagement survey to facilitate frank, honest feedback from their employees.

“It allowed us to find out about any cultural issues — however small — straight away and then address them openly and transparently at one of our meetings instead of letting them fester,” Hancock said.


Airing Dirty Laundry

Now, Geeks2U surveys their employees once every four weeks to ask how happy they are at work, making it easier to prove to potential recruits that they foster a happy, inclusive culture.

According to Hancock, “There’s no doubt in our minds that [it] is important to our recruiting efforts. Our employees have told us as much themselves."

Thanks to this feedback, Geeks2U updated their recruitment materials and now mentions the surveys wherever possible and publishes their happiness scores on their company website.

Take a cue from Geeks2U and don’t lose sight of your most important asset — your people — while on your way to building your version of Rome. You’ll be happy you did (your employees will be happy you did, too).



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