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Dec 23, 2015

Best_companies_to_work_for_6Company cultures need as much preventive care as people do to stay in tip-top shape. Some weeks your company’s health may be the best it’s ever been; other weeks it may be flagging and in need of special attention.

Thankfully, companies no longer need to rely on annual surveys for pulse checks on their organizational culture’s health. Nowadays, companies have the option to distribute weekly or biweekly surveys as a means of preventive care for their employee morale.


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Acceleration Partners, a performance-marketing agency, had historically used annual employee engagement surveys for their organization but liked the idea of hearing real-time feedback from their workforce. For them, it meant fostering constant communication within their fast-growing company.

Robert Glazer, Founder & Managing Director of Acceleration Partners, explains:

“Our distributed setup made it difficult to do this in person. We needed a way to create a positive feedback loop throughout the organization.”

Taking a Pulse on Employees

By regularly sending out company-wide surveys, employers like Acceleration Partners can tap into and assess trends happening within their companies as they pop up, preventing small problems from becoming larger.

“Rather than asking questions about something that happened 12 months ago, we can ask about things that are happening right now,” Glazer said. “Nothing beats that real-time feedback.”

Now, if employers become aware of pain points within the company — for example, low levels of employee appreciation — they can tend to these areas before they get any worse in the same way that a doctor would care for a patient.

As Glazer pointed out, “It makes it much easier to address issues, and we can act immediately as new ones arise."

And while both employers and employees benefit from these regular pulse checks, customers may also reap the same benefits. After all, happiness is infectious.



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