99 Different Ways to Motivate Your Employees

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Mar 3, 2016

99 Different Ways to Motivate You Employees by TINYpulseCompanies that have strong organizational cultures have happier employees. It's really a no-brainer when you think about the nuts and bolts of what makes a great culture: strong values, clear communication, and supportive peers. And since happier employees are more productive than their peers who dread coming to work, it’s in your best interest to take steps to build a great work environment — or transform an awful one.

Building a strong work culture isn’t impossible. You just need to motivate your employees. Drawing a blank as to how you can do that? We’ve got you covered with these 99 ideas:

1. Communicate openly and honestly with your employees.

2. Give raises — and often — as nearly 25% of employees would leave for a 10% raise elsewhere, according to our Employee Engagement Report.

3. Keep work-life balance top of mind.

4. Let your employees work from home at least a few days a month.

5. Encourage your employees to exercise during the day.

6. Create a bring-your-pet-to-work policy, so long as no one owns an orangutan or an elephant.

6. Buy your employees meals on a regular basis.

7. Make professional development opportunities one of your organization’s top priorities.

8. Lead by example.

9. Remove as many middle managers from the mix as you can; keep a fairly flat organizational structure.

10. Let your employees make flexible schedules.

11. Reassess your benefits package, and make it better.

12. Give your employees more paid time off.

13. Encourage your employees to shape their own jobs.

14. Equip your team with the tools and technologies they need to be successful.

15. Allow your employees to be themselves, so embrace individuality.

16. Get rid of your outdated dress code.

17. Have walking meetings.

18. Give your top-performing employees a handwritten card or buy them coffee.

19. Regularly recognize your employees for their hard work.

20. Gamify your workflow as much as you can.

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21. Take work off your team’s plate whenever possible.

22. Let your employees work from home on their work anniversaries.

23. Trust your employees.

24. Write your employees handwritten notes on their birthdays.

25. Don’t micromanage anyone.

26. Be positive — even when it seems almost impossible.

27. Get to know each and every one of your employees.

28. Always keep the door to your office open.

29. Build the best culture you possibly can.

30. Ensure your employees feel valued.

31. Set aside time for team-building activities regularly.

32. Bring something fun to the office (e.g., arts and crafts).

33. Let your employees take naps during the day.

34. Solicit ideas from your staff members.

35. Plan a company happy hour, and pick up the tab.

36. Build a creative environment. 

37. Encourage your employees to try something new.

38. Always be ready to help anyone on your team.

39. Promote employees from within.

40. Don’t be afraid to change when it’s called for.

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41. Remember, laughter is better than constant complete silence.

42. Be patient in all circumstances.

43. Redecorate the office with your team’s help.

44. Launch a bonus or profit-sharing program.

45. Get rid of cubicles.

46. Challenge your employees on a regular basis.

47. Take your employees on field trips to conferences and seminars.

48. Have theme days (e.g., “Wear Pajamas to Work Day”).

49. Maintain a fully stocked kitchen area.

50. Build a game room.

51. Provide healthy snacks for your employees.

52. Create ways for staff members to earn additional paid time off (e.g., volunteering on a Saturday).

53. Don’t send out group emails after hours.

54. Bring in a masseuse to walk around the office on a Friday.

55. Take your team to a paintbar.

56. Bump your employees’ job titles when they’ve earned it.

57. Treat every member of your team the same way.

58. Provide ample training opportunities for new procedures, policies, and technologies.

59. Give your employees company-issued new smartphones and laptops.

60. Host an in-office cocktail hour on Friday afternoons.

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61. Provide as much job security as you possibly can.

62. Let your employees take breaks whenever they want, so long as they’re not missing meetings or appointments.

63. Exude integrity in all that you do.

64. Check in with your employees regularly to see what, if anything, can be improved.

65. Offer constructive feedback in a timely manner.

66. Allow employees to play music in their workspaces.

67. Give your employees who want to travel opportunities to travel.

68. Hire the right people; the thing employees love most about their jobs is their coworkers.

69. Always try to have fun.

70. Help your employees find meaning in their work.

71. Be a cheerleader.

72. Create your own company-specific awards, à la The Dundies.

73. Let your employees use all of their skills; don’t keep them confined to one department or role.

74. Give out cool company swag that employees will actually use.

75. Put a bottle of wine on the desk of each new hire.

76. Invest in comfortable office furniture.

77. Pay the health insurance premiums for your entire team.

78. Don’t give your employees a hard time about going to the doctor or picking up their kids.

79. Hire people who know how to have fun.

80. Keep the amount of meetings you hold to a minimum.

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81. Send your employees home early when they’ve finished their work.

82. Be spontaneous.

83. Paint the walls of your office different colors.

84. Create an office mascot.

85. Ask your employees what supplies they want.

86. Implement a four-day workweek.

87. Have a work-related contest.

88. Let your employees stand up at their desks if they want to.

89. Give the top-performing employee a choice parking spot.

90. Create new company traditions (like a company holiday — and give folks that day off).

91. Be friendly.

92. Reimburse your employees' public transportation costs (good for the environment and employees’ wallets).

93. Set your employees up on blind lunch dates (picking say, four workers at random to go out to a company-treated lunch).

94. Form a company band with musician employees and write a theme song.

95. Hang artwork up on the walls of your office.

96. Increase your 401(k) matching contribution.

97. Give credit to your team when it’s due.

98. Take the blame when things don’t turn out great.

99. Try to improve employee engagement on a daily basis.

Phew! Did we miss anything? Let us know how do you motivate your employees.




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