7 Signs an Employee Is Ready to Quit

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Dec 2, 2016

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Have you noticed a change in the behavior of your best employee recently? Hopefully, it’s nothing. But it could mean they have had enough of your company and are plotting their exit as you read these words.

But if they haven’t yet submitted their two-weeks notice or stormed out abruptly, it’s not too late to at least try to do something to prevent that person from leaving. And even if it’s not your best employee in question, you will likely still want to keep them around (and in good spirits) if for no other reason than replacing them costs a lot of money.

Here are seven of the more common signs that may indicate one of your workers is ready to leave at any moment:


01. They’re taking more time off than normal

Have you recently noticed that one of your employees who you could count on to show up every day and rarely take time off has all of a sudden started calling out sick often and using up every bit of PTO rapidly? Sure, it could indicate they’re just sick or ready to take a well-deserved vacation. It could also signal they’re depressed or are interviewing elsewhere.


02. All of a sudden, they’re asking coworkers for lots of help

Engaged employees care about handling their own responsibilities. If you notice that one of your star employees is suddenly asking everyone on the team to help with their regular work, they might be getting ready to leave.


03. There are signs of disengagement as productivity dips

If one of your workers has routinely gone above and beyond delivering more work than is expected of them week in and week out and all of a sudden stops producing at a similar clip, there’s a good chance that person is thinking about greener pastures and can’t wait to leave.


04. Your employee’s attitude takes a turn for the worse

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Is your nicest employee all of a sudden a huge jerk? It might mean they’re having a bad day. But if a bad attitude is sustained for a long period of time, it probably means that the employee is fed up with their job.


05. Other employees start complaining

Have any of the other members of the team recently complained to you about how so-and-so’s attitude has changed seemingly overnight — even if you haven’t seen it yourself? When multiple members of the team are complaining about the same thing, you very well could have problems.


06. The quality of work suddenly deteriorates

When a very talented employee’s work starts to take a turn for the worse, it’s time to intervene. They may have some problems going on in their life or they may be upset with their job. As a good boss, it’s up to you to help them reach their full potential.


07. Your employee starts showing up to work well-dressed

Have you started to notice one of your employee’s dressed to the nines every day? They may be interviewing before work or during their lunch break. You might want to ask someone whose wardrobe has remarkably improved whether they’re happy with their job.

If you notice one of these signs — and certainly if you notice a couple of them — your employee may be halfway out the door already. The only way you can be sure is by asking them. The sooner you do that, the more likely you’ll be to convince them to stick around.



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