4 Warning Signs You're Unintentionally Bullying Someone at Work

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May 3, 2016

Four_Warning_Signs_Youre_Unintentionally_Bullying_Someone_at_Work_1.jpgBullies. The bane of the workplace. Nobody likes them. They’re toxic. You’d never be one. Except, it’s possible you are without realizing it. HelloBeautiful has a checklist of signs that you’re unintentionally bullying others at work. See if any of these traits sound like you.


1. Are you poison to new hires?

Do any of these apply to you?

  1. Do you get busy right away filling the new recruit with gossip about who’s secretly hoping they’ll fail and with dark warnings that only by following your advice will it be possible to hold onto the job?
  2. If the new hire makes a mistake, do you make a big deal about it or even gather coworkers to make fun of the new worker?


2. Do you need to know everything? 

Some people like to share; some don’t, and that’s fine. Some people are just there to work and get paid. Is it really important to you to know a coworker’s personal story? Is it a way of deflecting attention from what you fear is your own boring or disturbing narrative? Do you immediately switch into retribution mode when your overtures are ignored?


3. Are you isolating someone?

Turning a workplace against someone is especially cruel. Bad-mouthing a coworker to the extent that no one’s comfortable befriending them can make that person’s workday totally miserable. Alliances at work are a critical element in making someone feel part of the team. Does doing this make you feel in control or like you have power?


4. Are you threatened by a coworker’s success?

When a new hire is a good one, do you feel threatened by how much others like the newbie and appreciate the quality of their work? Are you counting on the same positive attitude that everyone enjoys in the new person being exactly the thing that keeps that person from noticing your jealous behavior or ratting you out?

If any of this feels like you, you know what to do: stop. Bullying is such a toxic influence in the workplace, and its negativity is likely to even follow you home. You want to help others succeed and thrive. Really, when they do, so will you and everyone else.






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