The Scariest Job Around

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Sep 27, 2015


There are a lot dangerous jobs in the world. Thanks to government regulations, most of the time in the States and other countries, there are harnesses and other safety gear for the really gnarly, scary assignments.

This guy is installing air conditioners in an apartment complex. Safety harness? Bah! Assistant? Nope. (Though someone is holding the camera.) At first, the task doesn't seem so bad. But the more you watch the more you want to say ... eek.


Look how this guy just gets on with it. Yikes.

If your boss hands you an assignment you think could be dicey, think about this poor dude and his amused — and no doubt fatalistic — attitude. And please use all the safety devices.

I don't know what they pay this guy, but it can't be enough.

Scariest job?

What was the scariest job you've ever done or seen someone do? Share your story in the comments section below or tweet at us @TINYpulse!




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