The Salaries of Some of Our Favorite TV Characters

by Robby Berman on Dec 23, 2016 8:00:00 AM

salaries from TVSome of our favorite TV characters live in inexplicably spacious, pricey-looking apartments. In Friends, Monica could pay for the swank pad she shared with Rachel because it was her late grandmother’s rent-controlled apartment. Good thing. With Monicas job as a caterer and Rachels as a sometimes buyer for Bloomingdales, it might have been hard to swing otherwise. Monica’s brother, Ross, had no such issues and could afford to live alone, thanks to his $114,134 yearly salary. At least that’s what Glassdoor reckons he earned, in their list of famous characters and their probable incomes in today’s bucks.

November’s Netflix return of the Gilmore Girls only briefly features Melissa McCarthy as beloved cook/kook Sookie St. James. Certainly, the actress has a lot more lucrative options these days, but what about Sookie? A chief chef’s salary at the Dragonfly Inn apparently came to just $45,720.


That’s better than ne’er-do-well, part-time bartender Nick Miller on New Girl does. His likely take? $33,000.


So who’s doing well in this crowd? Try Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation. She brings home the big-time bucks at $117,537 a year.



That’s just slightly more than these two very different dudes who make the same amount, oddly enough. First, physicist Sheldon Lee Cooper from Big Bang Theory. That makes sense.


And it turns out premier business doofus Michael Scott of The Office at least managed to line his own nest pretty well.



Surprisingly, Tony Soprano makes less than either of them, at a mere $92,564. Proving once again that crime doesn’t pay.



As far as Walter White of Breaking Bad goes, his above-the-board high-school teacher’s salary was $47,492.



That’s only a little higher than younger elementary school teacher Jane Villanueva of Jane The Virgin, at $46,967.



To figure out White’s real income, we’d need Sherlock Holmes, who brings in $61,632 yearly as a sleuth.


In any event, they’re both doing better than Homer Simpson’s $37,100. How does he afford all that Duff beer?



Life is tougher on determined mom Joyce Byers of Stranger Things. She earns $18,560 as a cashier.



Hannah Horvath on Girls is actually doing pretty well as a writer for $49,679.


Full House’s broadcast journalist Danny Tanner makes $50,707 a year. Hopefully, he gets a raise in the revived Fuller House.



Glassdoor based their estimates on what people doing the same jobs in the same industries would make these days. Sadly, the yearly salary of a couch potato doing nothing but watching all this TV remains the same: $0.



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