Find Out If You're Ready for a Raise [Infographic]

1 min read
Apr 17, 2016

Find_Out_If_Youre_Ready_for_a_Raise.pngWho doesn't want a raise? Our Employee Engagement Report found that 25% of employees are willing to leave their jobs for a 10% raise. Now if that many people are willing to leave for that amount, imagine how many would be willing to leave for a 15% or 20% raise. But we understand that you simply can't dole out money left and right.

So the real question is, is it the right time for a raise? While we're all for leveraging raises as an employee-retention strategy, not everyone deserves one. To find out if it's the right time for you to ask for a raise or for you to give your employee a raise, check out this infographic by PayScale.





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