An Important Reminder to Take Vacations From Work

Recent surveys have made it painfully clear that Americans don’t use as much of their paid vacation time as they probably should. Health professionals agree that time off is essential for staying healthy — a worker who doesn't take breaks is more likely to develop heart disease and suffer from depression.

There are a lots of reasons people don’t use their time off:

  • Taking a vacation is too much of a hassle
  • It can be lonely if you’re single because it’s hard to meet people
  • It’s not worth missing work and coming back to a massive pile of it
  • There’s no point leaving your comfort zone


Watch this, and then we have a question for you.



Okay, question time. Have you taken a vacation recently? Here's another one: are you encouraging your employees to take a vacation? Remember that work-life balance is key to employee retention.



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Robby Berman

Robby Berman

May 10, 2016



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