How to Make Your Organization Look Attractive to Millennials

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Sep 24, 2016

Recruiting strategies for millennialsIt’s not just employees that have changed with the times. Today’s recruitment process is a far cry from the old job-post cattle call. Set yourself up for success by knowing where millennial candidates will look and what they want to see. Dropping a posting on LinkedIn or Monster just won’t cut it. You need to prep everything about your recruiting experience to make yourself attractive to applicants.

Make Yourself Look Good

What does your website say about your organization?

Does it provide a vibrant glimpse of life at your company, like Deloitte displays?


What about your “Careers” page? Does it give candidates an enticing (and easy-to-navigate) view of their path with you, like Google offers?

Google careers page

Don’t let yourself be overlooked as a faceless organization. In a sea of job listings, you need to show your personality. Just make sure to invest the time and effort to make your website personable and functional — and especially mobile-friendly — for this tech-savvy generation.


And like ThinkGeek, take the opportunity to make yourself look unique.

ThinkGeek values


Make It Personal

For such a connected generation, a great way to boost your appeal is to add a personal touch to your website. Many companies use videos to add a face to their organization, including testimonials from employees to give candidates a real-life example of someone who enjoys working there.

Twitter’s quirky approach adds personality while also sharing useful information about the work environment and benefits. The humor itself also sends a message about the company culture.


Even if you don’t use video, make sure to show the faces of your organization with photos, whether they’re having fun, hard at work, or engaging in work-sponsored volunteering. It all comes together to help a job applicant know how they’ll fit in.


Be a Social Butterfly

Millennials are the social media generation. As LinkedIn and the Altimeter Group reported, companies with a social media presence are 58% more likely to attract top talent, and their employees are 20% more likely to stay. Make sure you’re using each tool in the best way to maximize its benefit.


01. Facebook

  • Try Facebook ads: People share so much information on Facebook, from when they graduated to what their degree is in. Use this information to target them. Facebook’s robust ad platform lets you target exactly who you want and remove anyone you don’t.
  • Use the jobs tab: Add a jobs tab to the top of your company page. This helps put your open jobs in front of the people who love your company and its products the most.
  • Ask employees to share: If your employees already have Facebook profiles (very likely if you have millennials), ask them to share posts with their networks. It’s a great way to get word-of-mouth referrals.


02. LinkedIn

  • Try LinkedIn Recruiter: LinkedIn Recruiter gives you access to the entire network of professionals on LinkedIn. Depending on your needs, LinkedIn offers a few plans to personally connect you with that perfect candidate. You can also try their Recruiter Lite version for a less hefty investment.
  • Use LinkedIn ads: Just like Facebook, people share all about their professional lives on LinkedIn. Use this shared information to target candidates with ads.
  • Leverage groups: Take advantage of groups to find people in the field you’re hiring for. Groups can get pretty niche, which is great when you’re searching for a very particular type of individual.


03. Twitter

  • Leverage your network: Call upon your network to help spread the word about a great job opening you have.
  • Use hashtags: Be liberal with hashtags. If you’re posting about a marketing job in Atlanta, consider “#Marketing #Job in #ATL.”

Building up your company’s website and social media presence is an investment, but they’re the tools you need in order to play in today’s recruiting game. Millennials aren’t going to wait for you to catch up.



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