5 Recruiting Tactics that Push Away Top Candidates

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Apr 14, 2016

5 Recruiting Tactics That Push Away Top CandidatesJust because you’ve had the same recruiting process forever doesn’t mean it’s as polished as you think. In fact, there are a number of strategies you may be utilizing that will almost certainly discourage at least a few folks from making it through the entire interview process — or even submitting applications in the first place. So here are five tactics you need to remove from your recruitment strategies:


1. Long job descriptions

Does your job posting drone on and on about the responsibilities a certain position entails? During an in-person interview, does your hiring manager talk at excruciating length about what the job will be like, all the way down to the minutiae? If so, there’s a good chance you’re turning a lot of candidates away. Keep in mind that the average human attention span is a whopping eight seconds. Goldfish can concentrate better than we can. Explain the position thoroughly, but be concise.


2. Lack of transparency

Candidates definitely don’t need to be privy to every facet of your organization before they join the team. That said, don’t act as if the way your company operates is top secret (unless, of course, it is). When candidates have questions, do your best to answer them. Don’t beat around the bush. The more questions answered, the more likely it is that you’ll hire someone who will make a great fit.


3. Refusal to negotiate

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When it comes time to negotiate, some businesses feel as though they need to lowball their employees as much as they possibly can. But according to our Employee Engagement Report, nearly 25% of workers would switch jobs immediately for just a 10% raise.

Workers are interested in making money. If you’re not willing to invest in their financial health, they may decide that you’re not worth their time in the first place. When extending offers, be flexible. The last thing you want is to miss out on a great candidate because you weren’t willing to fork over a little more cash.


4. Too many interviews

For some candidates, the interview process seems never-ending. You submit your initial application. You have a phone interview, maybe two. You go in for an in-person interview. It goes well, and you go in again. Then there’s a test of some sort. Followed by yet another interview. The cycle can seem endless.

Think about it: Your best candidates are in high demand. Chances are they’re actively interviewing elsewhere. If you take too long to extend an offer, there’s a good chance someone else might snatch them up.


5. False promises

5 Recruiting Tactics that Push Away Top Candidates by TINYpulseSOURCE: giphy.com

Imagine you’re going through the interview process right now. Unfortunately for you, it’s a similar process to the one described above, seemingly taking forever. You’re really excited to potentially land a new gig that you’re interested in, and you feel good about your chances. After your final interview, the hiring manager says she will be in touch within the next two weeks. She doesn’t follow through. You call her back asking what’s up only to find out they need another two weeks to make the decision.

Candidates can’t wait for an offer forever. And they won’t. When you say you’re going to do something by a certain date, do it. Treat candidates with respect. Don’t embarrass your company.

The good news is, if your company is guilty of any of the above, all hope is not lost. Make a few changes to your recruiting process, and you’ll start hiring better talent.




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