10 Glaring Reasons Why Companies Can’t Get Rid of 1:1 Meetings

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Feb 2, 2017

The benefits of 1-1 meetings

Even though technology has made it possible to eliminate many unnecessary meetings, companies can’t expect to continue growing if they get rid of 1:1 meetings altogether.

Don’t believe it? Here are 10 reasons why you need to continue meeting with the members of your team privately:


01. They’re a great venue for employee recognition

What better place is there to compliment your employees — and particularly the introverted ones — on a job well done than in a private 1:1 meeting? Of course, you’ll want to recognize spectacular achievements in a more public setting.


02. You can solicit employee feedback

One-on-one meetings also provide the perfect venue to ask your employees what they think about current initiatives, their workloads, or proposed changes, among other things.


03. They help build bonds

According to our Engagement Report, coworkers are the number one thing employees like about their jobs. Just because you’re the boss doesn’t mean you’re excluded from that statistic. Holding regular 1:1 meetings is a great way to get to know your employees and develop strong bonds with them.


04. Employees can speak out privately

Some employees may be hesitant to share what’s on their minds in front of a larger group. In the comfort of your private office, your shier employees will be more comfortable sharing their ideas.


05. They can double as brainstorming sessions

You never know where a conversation will ultimately lead. A 1:1 meeting that simply serves as a time to touch base can end up becoming a brainstorming session that produces a slew of amazing ideas.

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06. They designate specific time blocks to discuss important things

Your employees have pressing matters on their minds. By designating specific times to meet with them privately each week (or every other week or even once a month), your employees know that they have the time to tell you what’s on their mind. That way, they won’t feel like they’re bothering you.


07. You can use the time to coach employees

As a manager, it’s your job to help your employees continue developing new skills and improving existing ones. Private 1:1 meetings are also great for coaching your employees in the areas they’re weaker. In this light, 1:1 meetings can help you build a stronger team.


08. They save you time on the back end

Let’s say you’re starting a new initiative and you’ve just explained what you expect of your employees in an email. In a perfect world, every member of your team will know exactly what you mean. But as you know, it hardly ever works out that way. Holding regular 1:1 meetings allows you to clarify your expectations so that your employees get it right the first time.


09. You can gauge team morale

If your employees are all happy and talkative in your 1:1 meetings, you can assume they are content with their jobs. If every member of your team struggles to get out more than a few words during these meetings, you probably have a big problem on your hands.


10. They eliminate interruptions

If you don’t set aside specific time periods for 1:1 meetings, your employees will inevitably pop into your office to ask if now’s a good time to talk. Or they’ll flood you with emails saying that they need to have a conversation. Hold recurring 1:1 meetings, and all of this interruptive chatter goes away.



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