5 Reasons to Stop What You're Doing and Register for TINYcon

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Jul 28, 2017


It's easy to talk yourself out of committing to an annual conference.

If you are a manager, the thought of investing in your career beyond listening to podcasts and buying a couple of books can be overwhelming.

If you are an HR professional, it can be even harder to ask your employer for the fees and possibly travel expenses to Seattle so that you can add value to your current role.

Live networking, speaker events, and workshops are absolute career builders that you cannot find anywhere else.

You should act on the opportunity to learn alongside motivated people like you. People who are motivated to create better companies, startups, and nonprofit organizations.

At TINYcon, you'll meet thought leaders who have mastered company culture, who are willing to share their mistakes with you, and are investing in the future of HR. Suddenly it becomes easy to talk yourself into attending.


The best part? You will have a fantastic time doing it.

If you are somehow on the fence, here are the top five reasons to register for TINYcon this September 20-22, 2017 in Seattle:

1. TINYpulse Certification


You can become a certified employee engagement expert with the TINYpulse Certification.

Whether you've used our tool for years or are just starting out, you’ll be equipped with very best practices to make TINYpulse an extraordinary success at your organization.

This year's certification session contains updated best practices for TINYpulse Engage, along with brand new material from our latest modules.

Attendees who successfully pass the examination will be awarded a certification.

2. Meet innovative, world-class HR thought leaders and get inspired



Did you know that Scott Dorsey credits company culture as the greatest differentiator and key to success for ExactTarget, a company he took public in 2012?

Did you know that Scott will be the TINYcon 2017 keynote speaker?

We lined up a truly world-class set of speakers and sessions this year.

You have the opportunity to ask experts questions and understand their thought processes - something you can't do when you read their articles.

3. Build your network of HR leaders, C-Suite executives, entrepreneurs, and directors from the most forward-thinking organizations

TINYcon brings together people from all over the world who share a common discipline, but from a wide range of backgrounds and organizations.

This is an ultra-unique opportunity to meet those people, and for those people to meet you.

You may meet someone at a Dine Around Seattle meal, or they may make an introduction to you between speaker events.

Within a few minutes you can make a connection with someone that will help you make a real difference in your organization. You may do the same for that person.

Being with like-minded individuals will make you more confident about the work you do. It will give you perspective that could lead to some powerful contributions, all made by you.

4. Learn new tips and tricks from case studies of how leaders have brought TINYpulse in and made an impactful difference at their organizations

Due to overwhelmingly positive response last year, we've adding more case study sessions to TINYcon.

One of the best things you can do is learn how others are building those awesome company cultures you hear about and raising employee engagement.

More case studies means more time learning how others are getting the most out of TINYpulse.

Here are just a few session titles this year:

Leveraging TINYpulse to become a Business Journals Best Place To Work

Using Suggestions and LIVEpulse to bring business innovations from employees to life

Bringing together a culture committee to help employees feel more ownership over feedback

TINYpulse Through Rapid Growth: How the tool has helped an organization that has grown by almost 200 % over the past year

5. Summer in Seattle


You'll get to visit Seattle during the absolute best time of year.

How can you argue with a place that literally looks like this every day in the summer?

Plus, you'll have even MORE opportunities to network at TINYcon's Dine Around Seattle event, where you'll sample some of the best of the city's burgeoning restaurant scene.

These are our top five reasons to attend TINYcon. What are yours?

Feel free to comment and share, as I'd love to hear what brings you to TINYcon.

Over the next few weeks, we will update tinycon.com with more speakers, more details, and more reasons to attend.




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