The Daily Woes of Full-Time Remote Workers [Video]

The Daily Woes of Full-Time Remote Workers by TINYpulseWelcome to the first episode of The Home Office, which seems to think it’s gonna pick up where The Office left off. Erm, not quite.

Web developer Kyle Mason is embarking on the sweet life, working out of his apartment, just a few inches from his bed. When the big company he worked for restructured, he didn’t really have much choice, but he swears he’s fine with it. Freedom!

He can be as loud as he wants. (No, he can’t.) He has a controlled environment from which to conduct business. (No, he doesn’t.) He never gets lonely. (Yes, he does, in spite of the teddy bear he works with.) He even has his own whiteboard and performance review.

Not so simple, is it, Kyle? Ha. This is almost as squirm-inducing as the real Office. Wait. Is that a client at the door? Human contact! Don't leave me, please!!!


Robby Berman

Robby Berman

October 18, 2015



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