7 Quick Tips to Avoid Being the Worst Office Secret Santa

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Dec 14, 2015

Optimized-7_Quick_Tips_to_Avoid_Being_the_Worst_Office_Secret_Santa_1At offices all over, it’s coming up on Secret Santa time, a time for spreading cheer through your organizational culture. Here's how it works: grab a name of a coworker, and your assignment is to find an anonymous gift that will either delight its recipient or not embarrass you.

Doing his bit as the lovably obtuse, self-absorbed doofus that he probably isn’t really (or so we hope), Conan O’Brien decides to get in on the Secret Santa action at his office.

As our (not-so) Secret Santa gift to you, we did a little research to dig up some guidelines that’ll help avoid a Secret Santa disaster yourself. (We're guessing you're not personal friends with Jon Hamm.)


1. Follow the rules

If there’s an established $$ limit, respect it and don’t try to show off just how generous a soul you are. It can lead to resentment and embarrassment for others who spent less.

2. Do a little research

Find out what your recipient is into. Ask one of their friends.

3. Always include a gift receipt

Y’know, the one that doesn’t show the price. This allows the recipient to return the gift if it’s a misfire.

4. Don’t gift clothes

You may not have the same taste, and the size you choose can be unintentionally insulting.

5. It's not suck-up time

Secret Santa levels the playing field. Don’t worry about someone being higher up in the company than you. We’re all humans. (Presumably.)

6. It's also not confess-your-love time

Secret Santa is not the time to let your office crush know your feelings. Awk. Ward.

7. Don't self promote

Receiving a gift of someone else’s self-promotion is like getting getting a lump of coal. Tacky.



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