Proven Recruitment Strategies to Land Rockstar Job Candidates

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Nov 19, 2014

2132076796_ec063d52bb_mAttracting great talent to your company is imperative to success—both now and in the future. Turnover is natural, but a company that can appeal to and retain employees will win in the long run. Below are 10 ways you can enhance your recruitment strategies, getting buy in from existing employees and attracting the right kind of people to help build your company culture.

  1. Referral Incentives: Get your existing employees to refer their friends. If you like your existing colleagues, you’ll probably like their friends too. You can offer a monetary incentive, a free lunch, or some other perk.
  2. Pay them to leave: Zappos has a great policy where they pay new recruits who aren’t a cultural fit to leave. If they don’t like the culture and aren’t fitting in, Zappos encourages their departure to avoid polluting the culture they work so hard to build.

  3. Leverage LinkedIn Recruiter: If you want to reach those passive candidates, the ones that have awesome credentials and are not necessarily looking, LinkedIn is a great tool. Send them a personalized note inviting them to a nice lunch in their area. Treat it as an informational interview where you can sell them on your company.

  4. Sponsor an open house: Invite people to your office for drinks and snacks and just get chatting.

  5. Attend events that are NOT job fairs: Look on sites like or your local chamber of commerce to see what events are happening in your area. You’ll get to network with relevant professionals that could be just what you need.

  6. Use video on your Jobs page: Hearing from managers and employees of a company why they love working there adds a personal touch. You’re no longer just another company, you’re a place where people enjoy working.

  7. Consider past candidates: Remember that really awesome person you loved meeting but just didn’t have the right skills for a role? Maybe your needs have changed and now they’re the perfect fit.

  8. Sponsor school clubs and events: Do you need young candidates excited about marketing? Or maybe candidates ready to jump into the entertainment industry? Look to local universities and colleges and support student clubs in your field. It’ll put you top of mind when they’re looking for jobs.

  9. Focus on fit: Sometimes you find a person with a personality and can-do attitude you love, but they’re light on the skills you need. Consider training them up or supporting their continued education.

  10. Talk about culture: When we tell employees about giving away 1% of our product to non profits and 1% of our time to community organizations, they perk up. Leverage the interesting things about your work culture that make you stand apart.

C'mon, commit to trying just three of these ideas. I promise you you'll see a vast improvement in the job candidates that come knocking. 



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