8 Perks With the Greatest ROI

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Sep 8, 2016

Perks with great ROIWhen you think of perks, you probably think about how they benefit the employee. But what about the companies offering those perks? What’s in it for them?

Turns out that the answer is a lot. Perks aren’t just for recruiting and retaining top talent. All perks will have an impact on your organizational culture and bottom line, either positive or negative. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of perks with the greatest ROI.

01. Life coaching

One benefit that will help your employees and your company is offering life coaching. Take Aduro’s services as an example. Aduro was started by four doctors passionate about treating the person rather than the problem. Their comprehensive program focuses on health and well-being, community involvement, and prosperity. By helping your employees become stronger, more balanced people, you’ll help your organization thrive.

02. Unlimited vacation

This is a great recruitment tool. It gives employees the freedom to choose the amount of vacation they need to fully rest and recover. It’s also low cost — studies have demonstrated that high-quality vacation actually makes employees more productive.

03. Concierge services

If your employees are struggling with work-life balance, this is a quick, inexpensive fix. Bringing in services like dry cleaning and childcare allows your employees to spend less work time on non-work-related activities.

04. Flexible schedules

Numerous studies have found a not-too-surprising fact: employees are more productive when they’re allowed to work when and where they want. Of course, creating a thriving workplace culture means that employees need to be in the office. But offering flexible scheduling in a strategic way costs you nothing and helps boost productivity.

05. Snacks


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Employees spend more than a third of their lives at work. So it’s no surprise that they’re asking for fuel to help them through the day. Offering abundant healthy snacks has numerous benefits, from increasing productivity and employee satisfaction to bringing your team closer together.

06. Social activities

According to a Harvard Business Services study, social activities are crucial for sparking innovative thinking. Perks like happy hours or break rooms might appear to have little value on the surface, but it turns out they’re ideal for sparking creativity.

07. Professional growth

Our research shows that only about one in three employees believes they’re receiving adequate professional development. Workplaces can reverse that trend by sending employees to conferences and bringing in experts. SnackNation found that 18% of employees would take tuition reimbursement over a raise.

08. Wellness programs

Let’s face it: unplanned absences hurt productivity and revenues. A 2013 Towers Watson study of 900 employees found that those whose employers offered wellness programs were less likely to be absent from work. Offering fitness centers, ways to stay active during the workday, and nutrition counseling can all help your staff be healthier.

Employers shouldn’t look at perks as nice-but-unessential gifts to employees. Not all perks are created equal and plenty have a positive ROI.



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