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The Top 17 Company Culture Experts to Follow on Twitter

No platform provides more unfettered access to innovators and thought leaders in the world of talent acquisition, training, and human capital than Twitter. Following the right people will deliver information on new trends and creative ideas right to your desktop or mobile device. But who should you follow?

8 Key Ways to Reduce Employee Turnover and Achieve Hypergrowth

High employee turnover can stunt growth at any company. Between recruitment, onboarding, and training, replacing employees is expensive and time consuming.

Nov 21

6 Habits of Happy, High-Performing Enterprise Teams

The secret to a happy, highly effective professional team is really no secret at all. Much of what inspires success in the workplace boils down to putting the right tools in place to enable communication and community among workers. 

5 More Insightful TED Talks about Team Culture

Team culture (also known as organizational culture or company culture) has the potential to make or break any company. 

Twitter Reacts: How to Make Work Less of a 'Nightmare Slog'

In a breakthrough presentation at TINYcon 2018, Collegewise founder Kevin McMullin shared  statistics about the effects of an engaged workforce. According to Gallup data cited in the presentation, “An engaged workplace has 37% lower absenteeism, 25% lower turnover, 10% higher customer metrics, and 22% higher profitability.” That last stat would catch the interest of any people manager. But how does an organization go about building a more engaged workplace?

Top 10 Books on Change Management

Implementing change at any organization is a complex and daunting process, so if you’re looking for guidance, you’re not alone. To help you on your journey, we’ve put together a list of 10 books about organizational change management processes, along with summaries for each. But before we dive in, what exactly is change management?