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TINYtalk #2: Step Up For Students - Boosting Culture during COVID-19

We invited the culture leadership team from Step Up For Students to share how they increase communication and transparency to engage their employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. Don't miss TINYtalk #1: Inspiring Team Building Activities While Working from Home. Click the video above to watch the full interview with Jill LaRose, Vice President of Leadership Development; Gina Caicedo, Organizational Culture Director; and Christine Williams, Organizational Culture Manager. Or enjoy the edited transcript below.

16 Fun and Unique Employee Recognition Awards

Office superlatives. Employee Recognition rewards. Corporate shout-outs.

33 Trust-Building Questions to Ask in the Workplace

As a manager, creating a successful, cohesive team is a huge challenge. It involves a number of factors including thought leadership, proper technology, a working system, and more. 

TINYtalk #1: eMindful - Inspiring Team Building Activities While Working from Home

  Click the video above to watch the full interview with Kindle Robison of eMindful. Or enjoy the edited transcript below. I've known Mary Pigatti, the CEO of eMindful, for nearly a decade. One fun fact is that Mary is a three time TINYpulse client and has implemented us at every stop of her career since TINYpulse was founded (thanks Mary 👏).  So when Mary and I were recently chatting about the cultural impacts of COVID-19, she shared some of the innovative remote team building activities like virtual Easter egg hunts and photo contests that her Culture Club spearheaded. I was immediately hooked and asked Mary to introduce me to the head of the culture club so that I can share their inspirational and creative team building activities with the rest of the TINYpulse community. Mary introduced me to Kindle Robison, who leads their Culture Club, and I hope Kindle's great ideas sparks some innovative remote culture building opportunities for you and your colleagues.  Don't forget to check out TINYtalk #2 on boosting culture during COVID-19.

Top 10 Reasons for High Turnover Rates

Ever wondered why certain companies are so good at retaining their team members and building up on their expertise?

How to Talk to an Employee About Their Poor Performance

Running a company is never easy. Even if you have a  great team of highly skilled and highly trained individuals, there will always be some problems. It’s just inevitable.