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The Ultimate Employee Feedback Campaign: 10-step Survey with the Highest Response Rates Ever

Employee engagement surveys aren’t just something you implement because you’re supposed to. Findings from Gallup show that highly engaged business units are 21% more profitable than their counterparts.

A Leader's Guide to Successfully Managing Gen Z

Each generation of workers offers a unique perspective on what’s important in the workplace. For members of Gen Z, who were born between 1996 and 2010 and make up the latest generation to enter the workforce, this perspective has challenged some organizations.

50 Must-Have Questions for Your Employee Feedback Survey

If you want to measure your workplace and find out the underlying issues plaguing your workers, you turn to employee surveys, right? 81% of organizations do, according to a report by HRZone. But before you jump the gun, you need to be deliberate with your question choices. The wrong word choice or a confrontational tone can be off-putting for employees and even push them away from answering the question.  

How To Be A Change Management Hero: Process, How-To Plans, and Steps

Change is inevitable. And in order for an organization to grow, develop, and succeed, change is necessary. 

The 6-Step Guide to Fixing Bad Company Culture in 2020

You’ve tried being stern with your employees. You’ve tried talking to the managers. And since that wasn’t enough, you also tried reinforcing certain behaviors. But, whatever you do, you just can’t seem to improve the established, bad company culture that pervades your organization.

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Engagement Survey Questions [25 Examples to Get You Started]

Employee engagement surveys are suffering. No matter how many surveys you run, the results just aren’t revealing anything concrete about your company’s core issues. And it's probably because you're not asking the right questions.