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Simplifying the Search for Talent – Recruitment Challenges in 2022

HR Teams Don't Need A Vacation, They Need Help.

If you work in HR, there is a high probability you read the title of this blog and thought to yourself, "Well, it's about time!". The human resources department has been under a lot of pressure and responsibility (more than usual) for multiple years in a row now due to the state of today's workforce. 

The Unseen Impacts of Trauma on Employees and the Workplace

Over two years ago, the Covid-19 pandemic upended life as many people know it. Recent changes have included new health precautions, mask mandates, and supply chain shortages. Along with changes to day-to-day life, Covid-19 caused widespread illness and many deaths. What’s especially challenging is that almost everyone has been expected to live life and work as normal during a time when life feels anything but normal.

Workplace Flexibility: the Key to Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is a significant part of retaining employees and increasing productivity. As an employer you might be wondering, what does employee satisfaction mean in our organization and how do we achieve it?

11 Icebreaker Games for Work Your Team Will Love (2022 Update)

According to our 2022 Q1 State of Employee Engagement report, 15% of Employees are at high risk of quitting. Happiness and social connection at work are the solutions. When employees like the people they work with, they stay at that organization more than they would otherwise. How do you foster happiness and social connection within your workplace? Start with icebreakers. 

Managing Employees' Workload To Prevent High Turnover

A primary concern among employers is managing employees’ workload. A recent report by Limeade found that 40% of employees cited burnout as a top reason for leaving their jobs. Increased contact between employers and employees due to advances in technology and the pandemic stripped away the barriers between work and life. Stressed-out folks with a poor work-life balance are more likely to leave their jobs — tanking your employee retention rate.

It's time to start changing the way your employees engage. 

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