Outrageous Employee Perks You Wish You Had

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Nov 19, 2014

Screen_Shot_2014-11-18_at_6.38.38_PM401k’s, paid time off, maternity leave, flex spending accounts. These are some of the standard benefits we’re used to hearing about. But there are some companies out there going above and beyond.

Check out some of these unbelievable employee perks being offered up by companies today:

The Nap Pod: Have you ever wished you could take a quick nap at work after a too-large lunch? If you had the Metronaps pod, you could. Making waves in some of the largest tech companies, these self-contained pods are ergonomically designed to let you snooze on the job.

Scooters: Why walk when you can ride? Companies with large campuses, like Abercrombie and Fitch, use motorized scooters to let employees get places faster. Maybe it helps counteract the napping?

Concierge Service: Pesky errands have you down? Let someone do them for you. Companies like S.C. Johnson offer concierge services to handle all sorts of chores. You can keep your mind at work while all those other little things are getting tackled.

Travel The World: Traipse around the world on the company’s dime. Hospitality company Buuteeq offers the Trotamundo program, offering employees $2,500 per year to travel to wherever their heart desires.

Free Tuition: We often hear about tuition assistance, but completely free tuition? That’s what JM Smucker, home of our favorite jams and jellies, gives to its employees. Do you have a BA, MBA, or PhD on your to-do list? It could be fully paid for.

$4 Hair Cuts: Wish you could be more frugal while staying in style? Worthington Industries has your number with $4 hair cuts. And, there’s no need to schedule it in your off time; there’s an on-site barber at your service.

Egg Freezing: Perhaps you’ve heard the news but Facebook is now contributing $20,000 to female employees that want to freeze their eggs. Sound crazy? Facebook wants to give women the same chance as men to build their careers in their early professional life.

Are you seeing any outrageous employee perks? Let us know about them in the comments below.



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