Rebrand Like Old Spice

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May 3, 2015

Rebrand Like Old SpiceThe best companies know that rebranding isn’t simply a small logo change. Rebranding is all about clearly defining the company culture and then adjusting the brand name and logo to reflect that image. Obviously, this means it can’t be done in a day; it requires loads of research and, yes, dollar signs. At the end, however, these efforts can make your brand even stronger than before.

Learn the dos of company rebranding from four success stories of organizations that did it right.

Do ... Refresh Your Company Image Like Old Spice

By now, Old Spice’s clever social and TV marketing campaigns are famous. But these were just a piece of the company’s fresh rebranding, meant to rejuvenate a stilted brand many people associated with older generations. Now, with the witty, sharp brand image, Old Spice has changed the entire customer experience. Now Old Spice is for young, successful, good-looking men. And, even better, people are talking about it again.

Do ... Make an Effort to Change Your Bad Reputation Like Burberry

As Burberry’s success will tell you, it’s not always a bad idea to seek a new demographic. Before it was a brand associated with Kate Moss, Emma Watson, and other upscale women, Burberry was known as hoodlum-friendly “gangwear,” according to The Guardian. Burberry didn’t change its famous 150-year-old black, red, and tan checked pattern, but it did overhaul the types and quality of products it produced. By introducing trench coats and bathing suits aimed at the younger, classy-but-sexy demographic, the audience shifted to what we see it now.

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Do ... Pay Attention to How Customers Use Your Brand Like J. Crew

J. Crew wasn’t always a brand that could snag Michelle Obama as a model. Though it’s hard to believe now, back in the early 2000s, sales were plummeting. J. Crew reinvigorated its brand by watching how clients were using their products and playing into that. For example, J. Crew sundresses came in loads of different colors, and research was showing that many women were buying several of the same, simple dress in the same color to use as less expensive, fashionable bridesmaids dresses. It didn’t take long for the aha moment to come, and J. Crew launched a massively successful wedding business, showing that its brand can offer simple luxury.

Do ... Expand to Meet Customer Needs Like Starbucks

Starbucks rose to prominence as a java giant, but the company hasn’t rested on its laurels. It’s now a go-to spot for all sorts of drinks and food — even wine during later hours.

This expansion has paid off in increased sales, including 7% growth in the first quarter of 2015. And the sources of that growth? One of them is — of all things on the coffeehouse menu — tea. Food is also a moneymaker for the brand, with sales up 16% over the previous year.

Rebranding is always a gamble, but with clear research, planning, and the right motivations, you can find success like these famous brands.



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