One Big Thing You Missed At TINYcon

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Sep 22, 2016


TINYpulse held its first TINYcon conference this week, and we made one big announcement about the future of our flagship employee engagement tool, TINYpulse Engage — and if you weren’t at TINYcon, you might’ve missed out on the news.

TINYpulse Chief Product Officer Matt Hulett and Head of Product Development Dave Hajdu announced the new product changes during a session on Tuesday. The two biggest announcements were LIVEpulse and Visualize.

Here’s the description from our press release:

LIVEpulse [is] a new product that gives employees access to an interactive feed of workplace feedback. The LIVEpulse environment borrows from popular social media platforms, giving employees the ability to vote and comment on workplace suggestions. LIVEpulse also shows a feed of Cheers, the popular TINYpulse peer recognition service. Allowing employees to interact with workplace feedback crowdsources the work of identifying important themes and issues affecting work morale and engagement.

For administrators, TINYpulse unveiled a text analytics product called Visualize, which will complement other new data analysis tool. Visualize uses natural language processing to accurately analyze and categorize qualitative feedback. That way, administrators will be able to find trends hidden in employee comments and suggestions.

LIVEpulse is available now for iOS and Android for existing TINYpulse Engage customers. Administrators can contact to switch LIVEpulse on. After that, employees will need to claim their TINYpulse account by creating a username and password. Visualize will be available by the end of the week in beta for web.

For more on features and to try out a trial of TINYpulse Engage with LIVEpulse, visit our information center:




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