How Managers Make or Break Employee Retention

1 min read
Nov 25, 2015

Optimized-iStock_000064288277_SmallIt can be easy to overlook the power of setting goals when the busy workday tasks take center stage. But don’t be too quick to underestimate their long-term effects on employee retention.

From our recent Employee Retention Report, we found that employees who said they are more likely to stick with their current employer are 10% more likely to report being provided with clear goals from management.

Thus, supervisors’ ability to communicate and set clear goals for their team is ever so important for keeping employees on board.


One good way management can directly communicate goals is by giving employees access to reasons behind decisions in the workplace. Why there's a new process in place. Why the company is using one software over another.

Your employees are more likely to stick around when they feel valued and appreciated at work. Part of that is asking for employee feedback on work matters. By doing this, you’ll show respect and appreciation for your employees, which will lead to greater retention.


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