Novel Ways of Bringing Employee Recognition To Life In Your Workplace

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Nov 28, 2014
bringing employee recognition to lifeEmployee recognition. Does this phrase sound touchy feely? Well, it isn’t. Don’t brush this valuable workplace feature aside because it sounds too New Age.  If you don’t believe us, take a moment to size up these stats:
  • 55 percent of workers say they would leave their current jobs for a company that clearly recognizes its employee efforts/contributions.
  • 47 percent of employees list lack of recognition or negative company culture as a reason for leaving their last company.

So how do you really bring recognition to life you in your workplace? Consider peer-to-peer recognition tools. Unlike waiting for a manager to give praise, these types of tools empower employees to recognize each other for a job well done. And, when you consider that managers are often not around to see the boatload of good deed done, they up the odds of employees being fully recognized for their work.


Consider all the different ways that you can begin capturing peer-to-peer recognition in your workplace:

  • A Recognition Box: Akin to a suggestion box, this lets employees put handwritten notes in a box to recognize their peers for a particular accomplishment. It’s out in the open, making accessibility easy. But, it’s a rather lackluster approach that may not inspire much recognition. Also, there's no good way to share out the positive news, making it an unlikely approach to drum up feelings of appreciation. 
  • An Open Ended Survey Question: You could regularly field an online survey with an open-ended question like “Who would you like to recognize for doing a great job, and why?” The digital nature of this option makes collection very easy. But, manually sorting through responses and figuring out how to share them out can be burdensome. And again, you're stuck with the same problem as Recognition Boxes: there is no good way to share the good news with others.
  • A Digital Peer-To-Peer Recognition Tool: This would include tools like Cheers for Peers, a feature included in the TINYpulse survey platform. These tools make it easy for employees to give recognition at any time and any place. They collect recognition by respondent, and easily list it out, making it easy to both collect and share recognition. Many also allow companies to share recognition via live streams to help better spread recognition and appreciation.

While we believe tools that make collecting and sharing recognition easy are the best option, your choice should be tailored to your workplace and its unique characteristics and constraints. Just keep one thing in mind: the more you can share recognition, the more gratitude employees will feel for their hard work.


Employees should be proud of the recognition they receive. So why not be public about it?

Many TINYpulse clients have found innovative ways to showcase all the great reconition shared via the Cheers for Peers platform. One client, Wpromote, an online marketing agency, printed special cards with all the great recognition their employees received. They then affixed them all to the wall for everyone to see.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition-Cheers for Peers

Later, Wpromote went high tech and leveraged the Cheers for Peers API to broadcast all that great recognition in the employee break room. Whenever anyone comes in for a drink or snack, they can see all that great recognition being shared.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition-Cheers for Peers

Have you seen great ways of sharing employee recognition? Share it with us in the comments section below.



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