Nobody’s Perfect: Things at Work People Maybe Shouldn’t Have Done

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Aug 9, 2016

Guilty at workHey, were all human. Sometimes were at our best and sometime not so much. Better Buys recently did some eye-opening research about misbehavior at work. They asked some 2,000 US employees what kind of shenanigans theyve observed and what theyve done themselves that theyre not so proud of.


What They Saw Other People Do



What People Admitted to Doing Themselves

When it came time to fess up about their own behavior, people were a bit more circumspect — they’re practically angelic, except for the stealing thing and the drug thing. Of course, some of these people were, no doubt, the coworkers cited above, so hmmm.


Who Does What Where

The survey broke down the data they collected geographically in the United States.

  • For being late to work: The South wins with the Midwest taking second place.
  • For gossiping: The Midwest wins, followed by the Northeast.
  • For too much socializing: The South and Midwest again. I guess when they do eventually show up for work, they want to chat.

Note that the well-behaved employees on the West Coast are making everyone else look bad in all three categories.

So assuming respondents werent being as candid about their own misdeeds as they were forthright about others, maybe we all could be a wee bit more well-behaved. Not me, of course. TINYpulse





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