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Just the Right Music Choices to Get You Through the Workday

Written by Matt Terasaki | Jan 23, 2016 1:00:00 PM

It's becoming more and more common to walk into a workplace and hear music playing through the speakers. For some, it's a part of a company's organizational culture. This study found that there was a strong connection between improved productivity and the use of music.

Everyone has their own taste, but here are some tips and suggestions for music selections during different phases of the work day.

Early Morning Vibes

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The last thing your employees want to hear at 7 a.m. is loud, booming, electronic sounds, reminding them how much they wish they were still in bed. People may not be the chattiest first thing in the morning, but stiff, uncomfortable silence isn't the best route either.

Keep the tunes mellow at first. Acoustic covers and songs you’d hear at your local coffee shop are a safe bet. You may be an early bird, seize-the-day type of person, but let everyone else build up to your level.

Music suggestions:

Grooves for Productivity

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Around midday, your double shot of espresso is in full effect, your brain is humming, and you're ready to go. Ride this wave of productivity with some up-tempo jams about how awesome you all are.

Music suggestions:

Lunch Coma Melodies

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CNN cites 2:55 p.m. as the most unproductive time during the workday:

"It's just enough time for my huge belly finally to communicate to my tiny brain that the burrito we inhaled for lunch was (A) larger than a Buick and (B) possibly filled with horse tranquilizer."

Music suggestions: All things pop. You're already struggling to be productive; might as well have some painfully repetitive, admittedly catchy choruses playing in your head. This is prime time for some ...

With any luck, Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" might shake you right out of your lunch coma and into productive bliss. Or not.

Crunch Time Tunes

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Fortunately, the second-most productive part of the day hits around 4 p.m. This is when reality sets in that your Facebook scrolling and Reddit consumption didn't help you finish the reports due in one hour. Get that blood-pumping music going again. It doesn't hurt to have some motivational lyrics as well.

Music suggestions: