Music at Work Increases Employee Productivity [Infographic]

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Jan 8, 2017

increasing productivity at work

According to Spotify, 61% of people working in offices like to listen to music while working. Not only that, it helps them work better, say numerous surveys, including one done for PRS by MindLab.

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There’s an art to it too, in that you want to find the right music for the right job. And, of course, it’s critical that you be aware of the feelings of your office mates and don’t invade their acoustic space without their approval. (If the universe wanted us to not bother others, it would have provided us with earbuds. Oh, wait a minute . . .) recently published a great infographic packed with useful information about how music can help you work more happily and productively if you haven’t already added this dopamine-inducing stuff to your workday.




It may be that you’ve already figured a lot of this out for yourself — if so, we’ve just provided you lots of stats to use as your defense should anyone question your music habit. But if you haven’t added music to your routine, it’s definitely something to try.



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