The Time Employees Went Back to the '70s to Throw Down Some Dance Moves

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May 11, 2016

We may think of people who work at galleries, libraries, archives, and museums as bookish types — Indiana Jones notwithstanding — but, hey, take the first letters of those four workplaces, string them together, and you get “GLAM.”

Employees of the Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art Gallery of Royal Tunbridge Wells in the UK entered a worldwide competition for GLAM workers only: the Museum Dance Off.

Lucky for us, they made a video of their performance. When a guy at a desk typing nods off, he wakes in a dream. Of the 1970s. At a dance party. Joining him are his fellow employees, and the Bee Gees are on the box. Get down with your bad self.



It’s funny, sweet, and, well, fun-kay. (Not sure about that startling stuffed feline, though.) They look like a great crew to work — and groove — with.






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