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Mind Vacation: Making Teeny-Tiny Food

Written by Robby Berman | Oct 8, 2015 12:00:00 PM

Doing great work is all in the details, as the folks at Miniature Kitchens know, if their collection of YouTube videos is any indication. Each of their videos shows the preparation of an eensy-weensy dish, like sushi.

It helps to have a teeny-weeny kitchen, of course. Here’s their dojo. Yes, it looks full-size, but … wait.


It all starts — of course — with rice, a few grains in a wee steamer …


… cooked on a tiny stove. (That is not enough coffee!)


A small piece of fish, sliced even smaller.


Rock, scissors, nori (seaweed).


Put it all together.


Roll it carefully.


Slice it.


And serve with a garnish, dipping sauce, and wasabi mustard.


Just about enough food for your break. Here's the Miniature Kitchens video: