How Managers Can Make or Break Employee Retention

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Jun 1, 2016

How_Managers_Can_Make_or_Break_Employee_Retention_1.jpgEver heard of the phrase, "employees don't quit their job; they quit their boss?" I'm sure you have. And it turns out that the data supports this adage wholeheartedly. Employees that have not-so-great manager relationships are also reporting that they're more likely to jump ship.

A way for managers to establish an open relationship with their employees is helping them create clear goals. This provides employees with a direction to drive their work and offers transparency into how their contributions are impacting the organization. In fact, stronger management transparency leads to a 30% better chance of an employee sticking around.

Manager transparency by TINYpulse

A part of this transparency is a supervisor's ability to communicate and set clear goals for their team. Employees that say they do plan on sticking around with their employer are 10% more likely to report having clear goals set out for them.

Clear goal setting by TINYpulse

Wanting to be respected, to be part of the solution, and to have access to the reasons behind decisions in the workplace isn't all that unreasonable. We're human, after all. We want to feel valued in the workplace.



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