Make These New Year's Resolutions To Improve Employee Retention

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Jan 1, 2015

new year's resolutionsWith the new year approaching, everyone’s thinking about resolutions. To you, the worst goal an employee can make is to get a new job. Instead, how about giving them a reason to stay? Setting up work-related goals for the new year is an unexpected strategy for employee retention.

Consider a great focus on professional development in the new year. According to a survey by Deloitte, the top factor driving workers to look for new employment is lack of career growth. Similar to that, another survey asked what would keep employees at their company.

  • 35% wanted an increase in training and learning opportunities

  • 21% wish for more specific career paths and promotions

Simply, employees want a progressive career. Especially millennials who are not the typical “camper” employees. That is, the ones that just come into work to do the minimum and wait for retirement.

We know that specific goals aren’t one-size-fits-all and not every employee has one in mind. Here are some different types of objectives that your employees can set for the new year.

Performance: “Hit the daily quota for two weeks in a row.” Having goals like these not only improves efficiency and productivity for the company, it also gets employees looking for new ways to handle everyday tasks.

Projects: Set specific goals for employees to accomplish during projects. As the project evolves, so will their goals, and that will keep employees thinking on their feet.

Skills: Have employees think of their weaknesses or what they can improve on. Skills such as learning new software, developing leadership, or cross-training can lead to opportunities for promotion within in the company.

Let your employees start the new year off on the right foot. Give them something to work towards. Goals allow them to see professional growth that will not only keep them engaged, it’ll keep them loyal to the company.


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