The Learning Automation Movement Is Redefining Employee Onboarding

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Sep 6, 2016

Employee onboardingIf your employee onboarding or training processes are stale, then new hires aren’t going to have a positive impression of your company. Learning automation streamlines the process so that your company keeps employee education relevant and engaging. It’s the way forward in today’s ever-evolving business world.


What Is Learning Automation?

Learning automation incorporates new employees into your work culture and ensures that they understand every aspect of their new job. With a program like, you can design training videos, process documentation, and lessons/courses. Designing the materials is ridiculously easy and intuitive. You can customize media with your company’s branding and learners can access materials anywhere they go.

When new employees think they’ve learned a unit, the software then tests them on their knowledge. No more guesswork about whether a new employee is ready to do the job.

The software can also be used to capture best practices, internal knowledge, and team policies, which is all organized into a searchable database. It’s an ideal way to provide training and refresher courses for all your employees.

You can even invite creators into the process, democratizing the process and building a work culture in which every employee has a say.


The Stats on Learning Automation

This program has helped companies in a variety of tangible ways. Lessonly reports that users say productivity has increased by 22%. Around 90% of users report that it’s easier to track and organize the learning process for employees.

Two-thirds of companies report that their team is feeling more confident since starting the program. And the learning process is an average of 52% more efficient, meaning less training time for every employee.



What Companies Are Saying About Learning Automation

Lessonly’s easy-to-use software has received praise from industry leaders. Movoto, a real estate listing service, wanted to cross-train all of its employees in every aspect of the business so that any employee could sit in any seat and get the job done. Since starting learning automation, Movoto has reduced training times by one month per employee.

Modcloth’s customer care team was growing rapidly, so they knew that they needed to streamline their onboarding process. Service Learning Lead Myra McNeill says, “ has been incredibly helpful in allowing us to limit the time wasted on paperwork and admin tasks.” The fashion company can now focus on providing excellent customer service.

Birchbox, which ships beauty product samples directly to customers, had reached one million customers and needed a way to better track how much new employees were learning. The company reports that learning automation is able to keep up with the needs of their ever-evolving business. Employees are always up to speed on what the business needs.

To make your onboarding and training processes unique yet efficient, Lessonly is the way to go. Using learning automation software means that your employees are always improving at their jobs.




Lessonly Training Plan Playbook


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