Leaders Don't Eat Last: A TINYpulse User Praises Cheers For Peers

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Jan 2, 2015

This post comes to us from Tony Gedge at the Marketing Pirates of Dentistry. As a leader of a UK-based firm dedicated to helping dentists get the most out of their business Tony never thought he was in a place to get a pat on the back from his team. But thanks to TINYpulse and its Cheers for Peers recognition tool, Tony tells us why even leaders get to revel in a little gratitude. 


Marketing Pirates of Dentistry

A Pat On The Back Is Not Part Of Being A Leader 

Just think back to last week. How many times did someone say, “Thanks for my job, I really appreciate all the debt you are carrying so I can have an amazing Christmas this year." Then add up how many times you said "well done" or "thanks for that." 

Unfortunately the two don’t match, do they? And why should they? That is the evil price you pay for freedom. Freedom of getting to be the boss that is. Get over it.

As I grew older and created more businesses and more jobs, some were successful and some sold on. But my suspicion about never, ever getting praise for being the boss was reconfirmed by the late business philosopher and my mentor, Jim Rohn. He said, "Never expect praise when you own your own business." Fair enough. I can weep behind closed doors, put my right arm over my left shoulder, and pat a few times to satisfy that important human to be appreciated. 

But Then Things Changed

But then, something new happened, and I thought maybe Jim Rohn is wrong. Maybe I can feel all warm and fuzzy now and again. Maybe Cally, my wife and business partner, can also get more praise too. Here’s what happened.

I got my weekly TINYpulse email. It asked, "How happy are you at work?," and it let me enter a comment about what I would like to see to make the business better. I wasn't just the boss. I was now part of the team, being asked by a virtual leader in the clouds how I could enjoy the business even more!

You've Received A Cheers

While my wife Cally runs Marketing Pirates of Dentistry day in, day out, I still have responsibility for strategy, lead generation, marketing, and copywriting for both the business and our clients. It's a heavy burden, and I never shut down. 

Just before I got my TINYpulse email I had that selfish thought: I want to be appreciated. It's nice to get a kiss of appreciation now and again. I’m a man not a number. And once again, as if by magic, my ego-stroking opportunity came true. There, sitting in my inbox was an email with the subject line, “You’ve Received A Cheers."

Serotonin started pouring over my brain. A happy, contented feeling started from my brain and started trickling down through my torso and toes. So much so that it felt like getting my first "A" in grade school. Or maybe even my first soccer goal. Then in the body of the email it said, "Click to see why you were recognized." I clicked and received the message, "Hip Hip Hooray—Cheers for you! Well done, Tony, for going the extra mile this week and landing a mention in Verne Harnish’s email newsletter."

That's why, in just a short period time, I've already given 5 Cheers for Peers to my team members for going out of their way to be stellar colleagues. 

Leaders Don't Have To Eat Last

At the end of each week we hold a Cheers Party. It's an opportunity for public recognition and little gifts, thanks to all the great thoughts shared via Cheers for Peers.

Isn’t it just amazing how a simple piece of software, coupled with process, attitude, and habit, can enhance your company culture while keeping leaders like me pumped up on happy brain chemicals? After all, leaders and entrepreneurs are human too.  And just now and again, why do leaders have to eat last?



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