Tackling the Workplace Gender Gap

1 min read
Nov 4, 2016

Pay gap

Hey, CEOs! Why outsource all those jobs? There’s a much better way to save even more money: pinksourcing! That’s right, just hire women.

With pinksourcing you get employees who:

  • Work for 77 cents for every male dollar
  • Work overtime
  • Never ask for a raise
  • Never complain about work conditions
  • Bring great food into the office
  • Smell great!

Seriously, this video featuring Kristen Bell is a parody of the many ways in which women still aren’t getting a fair shake in business in 2016. It’s hilarious and infuriating at the same time!


All joking aside, we look forward to a day — hopefully very soon, like yesterday — that this nonsensical inequity ends.




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