5 Ways to Kill Some Time While Staying Productive

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May 27, 2016

5 Ways to Kill Some Time While Staying Productive by TINYpulseThere are lots of reasons you might need to kill some time at work. Maybe you’re stuck on some project while you wait for someone to do something or get back to you, for example. There’s always good old procrastination. You can kill time constructively, though. Consider these five ideas, based on the list Harry Snow posted on Medium.


1. Update your online profile

These days, your online public image is your ultimate product. People with whom you interact are likely to want to know whom they’re dealing with. Make sure your public-facing profiles are up to date and show you in your best light. We’re talking LinkedIn, public Facebook pages, Twitter, etc. New stuff that makes you even more interesting happens all the time. Post it.


2. Update your resume or CV

This is basically the same thing as the point above, except it’s the offline version. You never know when you’ll need a fresh version, and you’ll be all the more impressive if you respond to a request quickly and without it being a sloppy rush-job update.


3. Do some research

Blogs and videos (like TED Talks) are great places to learn more about your field and get yourself some inspiration. Comment on blogs to build new relationships with like-minded people.


4. Use the time as creative playtime

It’s usually not easy to find time to do some guided imagining — we spend most of our time just keeping up. There are lots of strategies for shaking ideas loose. Snow suggests checking out James Altucher’s suggestions.


5. Develop a new skill

There’s probably something of value to you professionally that you wish you had time to learn. Here’s that time! Coding, Word, Excel, Photoshop, the list of advanced work-related tools goes on and on.

These five ideas can help you avoid actually “killing” time. You’ll just be shrewdly leveraging it.




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