How to Keep Employees Happy In a High-Stress Industry

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Mar 24, 2016

How_to_Keep_Employees_Happy_In_a_High-Stress_Industry_1With every difficult job comes the risk of burnout. Healthcare industry workers understand this concept quite well, as they hold some of the most rigorous roles in the workforce. In our recent report, Employee Dissatisfaction in Healthcare Services, we polled over 1,000 healthcare employees in order to dissect their satisfaction in the workplace. 

Over 50% of respondents attend to at least 21 patients per week, and 13% of them handle over 100.

On the positive side, the report indicates they are happier than employees in other industries. But on the down side, they don't feel as valued.  Specifically, healthcare workers who report low communication feel 37% less valued. 

How to Keep Employees Happy In a High-Stress Industry by TINYpulse

Feeling lack of appreciation is an issue that spans across all industries. Our 2015 Employee Engagement Report indicates that only 31% of employees feel strongly valued.

The recipe for happy clients is happy employees. But what happens when employees start feeling burnout and lack of work-life-balance?

How to Keep Employees Happy In a High-Stress Industry by TINYpulse 

We sat down with our friends at Accolade, a company that's on a mission to transform the healthcare industry. Their motto is "I'm your person," so they know how important it is to keep their people happy. 

Take a look at how they're leading the way in helping their employees feel valued by fostering a culture of recognition: 



Employee Dissatisfaction in Healthcare Services by TINYpulse

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