Involving Employees in Pulse Survey Feedback

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Feb 25, 2017


Few things make employees feel as valued as having their recommendations implemented. Making them an integral part of the process of responding to pulse survey feedback is a great opportunity to make this happen.

If you're wondering "How do I keep my employees engaged?" pulse surveys are a great answer. Pulsing is the practice of using short, frequent check-ins to get valuable feedback — just one or two questions at a time. By pulsing employees, you can find out the sort of vital information that will not only help employee engagement but also boost retention and make your company culture thrive.

When pulse survey responses bring up problem situations, use this as a chance to gather employee suggestions to come up with a solution. This crowd-sourced approach will not only give you ideas you wouldn’t have thought of but also increase the chances of solutions being adopted. After all, if employees came up with the idea, they are more inclined to like it. 

Here are four tried-and-true ways to start this process:


01. Share feedback

It sounds obvious, but employees can’t take part in solving the problem if they are not first aware of it. Schedule regular sharing sessions to keep everyone abreast of feedback.


02. Encourage discussion

Ask your employees to talk about the responses. Do they agree or disagree? Starting the conversation helps to get them thinking about the problems and what the key pain points are.


03. Ask for solutions

Oftentimes, employees may already have solutions in mind, but haven’t been asked. Asking for solutions starts bringing these ideas to the table and lets colleagues get excited and on board with the solutions.


04. No judgments

This should be a positive, collaborative process. Rather than knocking down ideas, encourage that all ideas be listened to. Certainly some might seem better than others. But you never know when that zany idea might turn into a brilliant one.

With these steps, you can use pulse surveys to not only identify problems at your company, but drive even more employee engagement by including them in the resolution of the problems. You're on your way!



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