How To Onboard Employees Like The Experts

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Feb 3, 2015

iStock_000028378952_LargeEmployee onboarding is important—no one can deny that. It’s so important that 15% of employees have quit because of an ineffective onboarding process. But new hires have faith in their managers. Yes, that means you. 33% of employees believe managers have the greatest influence on whether onboarding is effective or not. So we asked leaders what they liked about their own onboarding process and how you can adopt those practices for your own organization. Here’s what they have to say:

Have A Go-To Person

Mentorship plays a critical role during the onboarding process—especially for millennials. Adie Lee, PR Account Manager at BAM Communications, loved that the company’s COO checked in with her twice a day. “Knowing that I had a scheduled time to have her attention was great.”

When you’re a new employee, it’s difficult to ask just anyone questions. So having a mentor helps make the new hire feel comfortable, not only with their responsibilities but with the company culture as well. Lee adds, “It also kept me from feeling terribly overwhelmed or alone.”

Make The Employee Feel Welcomed

Nothing’s worse than being greeted with a cold shoulder on the first day. Sheyleen Stuto, Talent Coordinator at TechnologyAdvice, oversees the new employee orientation at her organization. “We’ve focused on making our onboarding process a more personalized interaction between HR and the new hire […] We also get to know the new employee better by talking about their likes/dislikes and the reasons we hired them specifically.”

Socialization is also important during the onboarding practice. It helps new hires network and interact with other employees. “Our orientations flow into lunch where a member of HR sits with the new employee and helps make introductions to other members of the team,” says Stuto.

All In The Details

If you’re excited about a new hire, then show it. Make them fell welcomed. Kinga Skowroneck, Brand & Buzz Coordinator at UrbanBound said, “On my first day at UrbanBound I was met with my name on a ‘welcome sign’ on the door. When I got to my desk there was a card from the leadership team, a water bottle, a t-shirt, and a box of chocolates.”

You searched high and low to find a stellar employee to join your company. Why not celebrate their arrival? Skowroneck goes on to say, “These little tokens of appreciation were very welcoming […] Instead of having to fill out new hire paperwork on my first day, the leadership team took me out to lunch.”

Employee onboarding isn’t efficient if it’s one-sided. Orientations and paperwork don’t help new hires get settled into the organization’s culture. Give employees a welcoming process that involves mentorship and socialization.



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