How to Increase Survey Response Rates by up to 50%

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Feb 4, 2017


Perhaps you’re one of those rare individuals who can remember the birthday of every member of your family, the exact time of dinner with your friends next week, or the day your dry cleaning will be ready. But, if you’re like the rest of us, you’re grateful for the little “ping” from your online calendar that helps keep you on track.

Smart pulses are designed with the knowledge that employees sometimes also need this little ping. They may have every intention of completing a questionnaire, but an unexpected phone call or meeting can derail them and make them forget. A little extra push may be required to get them back on track.

Consider this: 25–50% more employees respond to pulsing surveys after they receive a reminder to give their feedback

One reminder email is enough to boost participation rates high enough to give a truly accurate picture of the issue you’re exploring.

Good pulsing respects people’s time: it should be short and efficient, and not clutter email inboxes of those employees who have already responded. However, a company can demonstrate how much they value employee feedback with an unobtrusive ping to someone who just needs a little reminder.

If you rely on yourself to hit the “send” button, you’ll likely forget to send the employee pulse. Don’t let your pulsing languish due to human error. Automate them so that they get sent regularly, and employees are reminded to take them. When it comes to sending pulsing reminders, consider these two options:

  • 01. One reminder: If you pulse weekly, consider automating one reminder three days after the pulse is sent to those who havent already responded. It keeps the pulse top of mind for your employee and is well spaced relative to when the next pulse will be sent out.
  • 02. Two reminders: If you send pulses biweekly, consider automating two reminders, spaced four days apart, to anyone who didn’t yet take it.

As you can imagine, always avoid sending these automated reminders to people who have already responded to their pulses to avoid confusion and clutter in their inbox.



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