How to Incorporate Company Values Into Pulsing Surveys

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Jan 14, 2017

bringing organizational values to life

If you’re a leader of an organization, you probably know your company values by heart, right? Do you? Do your employees? The odds aren’t good, and that’s a problem.

Many organizations create a list of values, hang it up in the break room, and call it a day. People forget and ignore the list, and it gets less attention than the Chinese takeout menu hidden under the microwave.

Yet reinforcing company values is the best way to ensure that employees aren’t just embracing them but also reflecting them in their everyday work. And pulsing is an excellent way to monitor if and how employees are integrating corporate values into their work performance.

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Consider these pulsing questions:

  • With eyes closed and fingers crossed, can you recite your organization’s vision, mission, and cultural values?
  • What three words would you use to describe our culture?

Posing just one of these questions offers team leaders an immediate read on their employees’ perception of corporate values. Some companies may find that their employees can recite corporate values with their eyes closed. More likely, there will be large knowledge gaps.

One great thing to remember is that responding to pulsing feedback is a surefire way to help instill those values in your employees. Every time you acknowledge responses, you promote the value of listening. And when you thank your respondents, even when they offer negative feedback, you demonstrate an openness to communication. Meanwhile, acting on feedback helps shows a commitment to change and action.

If you embody your values, they’re bound to brush off on your employees and your overall corporate culture.



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