6 Steps for Becoming a Manager That People Love

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Nov 25, 2016

inspirational manager

We’ve all worked for bad managers. It’s not exactly inspiring, to say the least. Sure, you may have no problem going through the motions and getting your work done each week. But it’s hard to get motivated to go above and beyond and reach your full potential.

As a manager, you’re responsible for keeping your team in good spirits. You’re also responsible for their output and the quality of their work. In order to make your team as productive as possible, strive to become a manager that people love. Here are six steps that should help you get there:

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01. Develop a high EQ

Your emotional intelligence is defined as the ability to control your own emotions while being aware of the emotions that those around you are experiencing. Those with a high EQ are self-aware and can communicate effectively regardless of the situation they find themselves in. The higher your EQ, the more likely your staff will love you.


02. Lead by example

No one likes working for the person who expects their staff to be working at midnight while not holding themselves to the same standard. Work as hard as you expect your employees to work, and then work harder. Your employees will notice.


03. Support your employees in their career goals

Many of today’s professionals care about professional development almost as much as they care about their compensation packages. Yet according to our Engagement Report, only 25% of workers feel as though their employers offer adequate development opportunities. Make professional development a top priority, and your employees’ will think highly of you.


04. Recognize your workers’ accomplishments

Your employees work hard for you every day. Recognize their best work — they’ve earned that much. Need some ideas as to how to do that? Here’s a list of 18 employee recognition ideas.

employee recognition


05. Communicate on a regular basis

Nobody likes to be kept in the dark about major company decisions. Similarly, nobody likes it when their boss is upset about something but doesn’t speak their mind. Be honest and transparent with your employees. They’ll return the favor.


06. Listen to your team

It’s one thing to have a job where you’re told what to do. It’s quite another to have a job where your boss not only asks your opinion on certain issues but also makes an effort to put your best ideas into practice. Ask your employees what they’re thinking. Talk to them. The more you make your employees feel like they matter, the harder they’ll work for you.

Great managers care about their employees and are able to see things from different perspectives. Instead of expecting a lot from workers and doing little themselves, great managers lead by example and support their staffs as much as they can.

If you want to be a manager that people love, communicate with your employees often and listen to what they have to say. Thank them for their hard work on a regular basis, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming everyone’s favorite boss.



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