How SkyMall Can Give You An Enviable Organizational Culture

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Feb 4, 2015

skymall-logoSkyMall has been entertaining people with their in-flight catalog for the past 25 years. But they’ve just filed for bankruptcy protection. And oddly enough, you can actually create a very distinct organizational culture with their quirky items.

Our research found that 64% of employees don’t feel like they have a strong work culture. Shocked? You should be, since culture is what shapes an organization. It’s the groundskeeper for employee happiness. And a positive, unique culture can prevent people from dreading coming into work.

Here are eight items you need to grab from SkyMall to create an irresistibly quirky culture that people wouldn’t want to leave:

  1. Ball hopper: Throw out those traditional chairs. Sitting on stability balls is beneficial to one’s health—it requires muscle contractions to maintain balance. And why roll around on a chair when you can hop? Employees can even challenge each other to races for the fun of it.

  2. NapAnywhere Pillow: Some companies have beanbags for naps. But people can’t just take those anywhere. This pillow allows employees to take a short snooze anywhere, any time. People are more alert, and motor skills are improved after a 20-minute nap.

  3. FitDesk v2.0 Pedal Laptop Desk: It can be difficult to squeeze in regular exercise. But this desk allows employees to stay active while being productive—killing two birds with one stone. 20 minutes of exercise can do wonders for your health.

  4. Hovertrax: If you have a large office, it can take up to 10 minutes just to get from one end to the other. Get employees to places more quickly with the Hovertrax. By reducing travel time, you can give employees extra minutes to work on their tasks.

  5. Dual Pressure Neck Massager: Work can be stressful. So help ease work stress with this neck massager. Because we know how awkward it is to ask a coworker for a massage.

  6. Yon Smart Travel Blanket: We spend so many hours at work—might as well make it comfy. Let employees feel at home while they breeze through their daily activities.

  7. USB Cup Warmer: 83% of Americans drink coffee. So instead of having employees constantly get up to warm their beverages, give them this desktop warmer.

  8. Tabletop Foosball iPad Dock: If you’ve got a small office, you probably don’t have room for an actual foosball table. Get employees socializing with a foosball dock and promote team-building with a touch of competition.

Organizational culture is the heart of your company. If you create a culture that’s unique and unreplicable, you can use it as a competitive advantage. Because if you invest in your culture, you’ll be able to retain your employees and attract even more top talent.



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