How On-Demand Workers Honestly Feel About Their Work Situation

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Aug 13, 2016

On-demand workersOn-demand employees — also known as the gig or sharing economy — is a growing workforce that's spreading like wildfire. But with their exponential growth also comes exponential controversy. These employees are classified as independent contractors, who, for the most part, don't receive benefits such as social security and unemployment insurance.

So, naturally, we wanted to dig into this workforce's sentiment to find out what's making these employees tick and what's driving them up the wall. We surveyed more than 250 self-identified on-demand workers and compared their responses to the benchmark scores across all TINYpulse clients spanning over 1,000 companies and 100,000 employees for the question: "On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you at work?" The TINYpulse benchmark was 7.55 and the average for on-demand workers was 6.39. What else did we find out?

On-demand employees

On-demand employees scored below the TINYpulse benchmark across the board, which clearly points out that this group is frustrated with many aspects of their work. And these findings can help pinpoint exactly what employers in this industry can do to help improve workplace sentiment. Start by showing these employees a career path and offer benefits such as paid time off.




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